Welcome to Spectrum FM, Spain's largest English-Speaking Radio Station

Spectrum FM is your local and national friendly family-orientated station.
With ‘more of the music you love’ Spectrum FM gives you the best variety of music, alongside chat and info from our highly experienced presenters. We have many specialist programmes and features for everyone to enjoy.

Our core audience is aged between 30-60. Spectrum FM listeners have a spark about them; despite juggling their various roles as parents and professionals, they still make time for themselves. They are very sociable people who enjoy shopping, going out and spending time with their friends and family.

The foreign population in Spain is ever-growing and is bigger than you think. With the increasing strength of the European community, Spain is benefitting from foreign investment in many industry sectors, including Finance, Property, Automotive, Fashion and Grocery Retail.

Listenership survey Costa del Sol 2017
Programming and Shows are the same Nationality


Sample: population of Costa del Sol

Although the largest proportion of our listeners are from the UK, our programming format means that over 40% of listeners are of nationalities other than British. The station is effective in reaching Spanish listeners so is a viable platform for local (Spanish) brands who wish to target both the expat and native market. Spectrum FM also attracts Russian and Scandinavian listeners, who are the largest groups of foreign buyers on the Costa del Sol in 2017. This diverse group of listeners makes Spectrum FM the preferred station for local, national and international brands wishing to target the affluent English speaking population.


Where do you listen to the radio?

Sample: population of Costa del Sol

As expected, the majority of listeners are driving whilst exposed to Spectrum FM. However a higher proportion than expected (42% versus industry standard of 25%) are tuning in whilst at home. This means that a more diverse range of products and services are applicable to our listener base than on many stations. In response to the high proportion of online listeners a Spectrum FM App has been developed, enhancing the experience for these listeners.


Which radio stations do you listen to?

Sample: population of Costa del Sol

Spectrum FM is the most popular English speaking radio station on the Costa del Sol meaning that this is the platfom of choice to attract the large English speaking expat population on the Costa del Sol.


Survey Summary

There is an even distribution of listeners throughout the week with a slight peak towards the weekend.

“SPECTRUM FM” is followed by over 50,000 listeners in the Costa del Sol, reaching a 17 percent share amongst English-speaking population. Nationally there are 250.000 listeners daily.

Spectrum FM is Bigger, Better and Louder than ever before: join us on our incredible journey!

Spectrum FM is Spain’s largest English speaking radio station reaching over 75% of the English speaking expatriates in Spain broadcasting across Gibraltar, the Costa del Sol, Costa Almería, Costa Cálida, Costa Blanca, and Mallorca.
No other English speaking radio station in Spain transmits across this size of area. Due to our programming format our listeners are also from other countries, not just the UK, because our radio presenters speak for short periods of time playing music that everyone knows and loves, no matter where they are from in the world.



  • Largest English radio station in Spain
  • Established for 18 years
  • Large international listenership
  • Music based format with famous and experienced radio presenters
  • Nearly 100,000 contacts on our up-to-date email database
  • Nearly 30,000 Facebook Likes and thousands of followers on Twitter
  • Incredibly popular website with over 5 million hits per month
  • Spectrum FM App now available, also via Tunein internationally



Region Frequencies Main Areas Total Population Spectrum coverage (estimated non spanish) Total (English speaking) Visitors per year
Costa del Sol 91.4FM
1.65m 260,000 5.4m
Costa Almería 96.1FM
665,000 125,000 0.5m
Costa Blanca South 106.3FM Alicante to Valencia 1.8m 220,000 5.1m
Costa Blanca North 90.2FM Murcia
1.8m 120,000 1.7m
Mallorca 89.8FM Palma
Cala Millor
875,000 182,000 6.2m
Tenerife 105.3FM Playa de las Américas
Los Cristianos
Costa del silencio
Golf del Sur
Las Chafiras
El Médano
899,000 100,000 4.5m


Production of a radio spot including one professional voiceover artist, music and/or sound effects and mixing down to final production = 90€. If an additional artist is required, there will be an additional charge.

All production created by Spectrum FM is subject to copyright protection.

Advertisers can provide their own radio spots in high quality mp3 or wav files.

Included in your campaign Spectrum FM will add 2 posts per week to our very active social media platforms with thousands of followers. We will add your business banner logo to Spectrum FM website with a direct link to your business website.

Sponsoring a national Spectrum FM competition is an investment
with huge ROI potential

Here at Spectrum FM we understand what advertisers want. They want to see action. They want hot leads, increased traffic, additional sales, a bigger email database, and more fans. As clients of Spectrum FM you want to know your marketing budget will achieve these goals, and you want ROI (return on investment).

Competitions are the activation layer of any marketing plan

Competitions are not only a vehicle for brand building – they have the ability to activate potential customers.
Competitions provide an incentive for customers to engage with a brand on a deeper level in ways that traditional advertising rarely duplicate – AND most importantly, they are the best vehicle for capturing customer data.

Benefits of sponsoring a Spectrum FM competition

Main points to why you should run a competition:

  1. Competitions increase brand awareness and engagement. Advertising can take two forms. The first is branding, or setting customers’ expectations for a product or service and differentiating it from others. The second is activation, which motivates customers to take a specific action, such as enter a competition, Like a Page on Facebook, purchase a deal, or print out a coupon. Traditional advertising is great for awareness, while promotions like competitions supercharge your advertising, making it more effective by driving brand engagement and encouraging social sharing.
  2. Competitions grow social, email, and mobile databases. Whether you are hoping to grow your social media following, or even your mobile database, a competition can help. This is one of the best ways to reach and capture data on new potential customers.
  3. Competitions drive footfall. By including an offer advertisers have the power to direct footfall to their physical location (or website). You can also generate even more footfall by incorporating the online competition with an on-site event at the advertiser’s location.
  4. Competitions reach the audience you want. Whether your advertiser wants to reach as many people as possible or only a highly targeted niche, there’s a contest for that audience. Spectrum FM will endeavor to work with you and/or your client to deliver a thought out campaign to reach the campaign goal.
sweepstakesfree flightwin a car






The right Media Choice coupled with creativity gets results

Spectrum FM is proud to have one of the strongest creative teams in radio communication. We will create an advertising campaign that works for you. Radio has been called the ‘theatre of the mind’ and advertising fuels the media.
The benefits of using radio for advertising are many, ranging from its effectiveness to its low cost.

Spectrum FM can create an effective campaign for as little as 90€. You can find examples on our complimentary USB device.

Close Contact

Radio is an intimate form of advertising. Many people listen alone, such as when jogging or driving. Listeners develop strong relationships with their favourite stations, identifying with the music and bonding with on-air personalities.


No matter whether you advertise with an all-sport or a classic rock format, stations know the audience demographics. Your advertising reaches the gender, age and economic status you target. Spectrum FM is ABC 1.



Because advertising on local radio broadcasts is not very expensive, it is more cost-effective than television commercials, print advertising and direct mail.


Radio advertising works as an everywhere medium. Consumers don’t have to be in front of their television or at their computer. They don’t have to acquire a magazine or newspaper, locate their eyeglasses or even know how to read.


Radio stations offer a variety of promotional activities that support your advertising. The station becomes a partner in your success, allowing you to give away promotional items with your name and logo, be live on-air and even hold broadcasts from your place of business.


Monday to Friday

07.00 The Breakfast show with Richie Rich
Richie Rich brings you the best smooth sounds along with great chat and banter every morning in his unique, friendly style.
With the ‘Featured Artist of the Week’ and plenty of great competitions there’s always something to look forward to.
National €4000 /month
12.00 The Afternoon Show with Russ Morris
Russ Morris takes you through the afternoon with relaxing music and chat.
The first hour of the show is the ‘Rewind’ with lots of songs and clues to help you guess the mystery year.
National €4000 /month
17.00 Drive time show with Carlos
Packed full of smooth classics, Carlos takes you into the evening with his great selection of music.
‘The Hot 7 at 7’ enables one lucky listener to take control of the airwaves to hear their 7 favourite songs of all time for one hour.
National €4000 /month
22.00 The Love Show with Mr Love Tim Smith
Two hours of only the best love songs of all time. With SpectrumLove.com
National €800 /month



10.00 Saturday With Mark Dennison
Mark brings the cool and smooth sound to Saturday with great banter and info, alongside the best smooth songs.
National €800 /month
15.00 The Big Spectrum Documentary
Each and every Saturday Spectrum FM brings you an in-depth look at some of the world’s musical icons.
Including the likes of Adele, Sting, Eagles and The Beatles to name but a few.
National €600 /month
16.00 – 19.00 An afternoon with Tim Smith
Cool and Smooth sounds of Spectrum FM
National €400 /month
19.00 – 24.00 Saturday Night with Richie Rich
Saturday night floor fillers
National €240 /month



10.00 The Sunday Session With Mark Dennison
Mark takes you through Sunday afternoon with the very best smooth hits.
National €800 /month
15.00 – 18.00 An afternoon with Tim Smith
Cool and Smooth sounds of Spectrum FM
National €400 /month
18.00 – 22.00 Soul and Mo-town show
3 hours of uninterrupted soul and Mo-town classics.
National €400 /month
22.00 – 24.00 The love show
Non stop love songs and commercial idents for Sponsor..
National €320 /month


Sponsorship of shows

5 hour show • 4 mentions /hour • 5 days /week • €10 /mention
07:30 What’s On (Sponsor A)
08:30 School Run Hits (Sponsor B)
09:30 Fiesta Alert (Sponsor C)
10:30 What’s On (Sponsor A)
National €4000 /month
5 hour show • 4 mentions /hour • 5 days /week • €10 /mention
12:30 What’s On (Sponsor A)
13:20 Financial Report (Sponsor D)
15:30 What’s On (Sponsor A)
16:30 Fiesta Alert (Sponsor C)
National €4000 /month
5 hour show • 4 mentions /hour • 5 days /week • €10 /mention
19:30 What’s On (Sponsor A)
20:30 Fiesta Alert (Sponsor C)
National €4000 /month
SOUL & MOTOWN SUNDAY 6PM TO 10PM National €800 /month
TIM SMITH 4PM TO 7PM SATURDAY and 3PM TO 6PM SUNDAY National €800 /month
15.00 The big Documentary Saturday National €600 /month



Hourly – Daily

News Link 12 commercials (CDS) Local area €600 /week
Local Weather 12 commercials Local area €600 /week
Marine weather (Mallorca & Tenerife) 12 commercials Local area €600 /week


Summary – Weekly

SPONSOR A = 6 PLAYS PER DAY 4 mentions = €40 Local area €300 /week
SPONSOR B = 1 PLAYS PER DAY 4 mentions = €40 Local area €100 /week
SPONSOR C = 6 PLAYS PER DAY 6 mentions = €60 Local area €300 /week
SPONSOR D = 1 PLAYS PER DAY 6 mentions = €60 Local area €300 /week


Please note all sponsorships are a minimum of three months, I.V.A is added to invoice at the applicable rate


Pay only when someone hears your commercial, online listener reports

(A) only 0’05 cents per generic listener hit. This means you will be billed for listeners from anywhere in the world, or 0,10 cents per “targeted” Spanish + UK + Ireland listener hits (these make up to 85% of Spectrum FM´s online audience)

Reports can be sent to clients (Listener hits, Countries, User Agents (Windows, iPhone, etc) each week in PDF form. To abide by personal data protection laws, Spectrum FM must not display the IP address of our listeners, but we can show overall stats broken down to days, weeks or months.

(B) All commercial spots must be less than 20 seconds.

View Statistic report PDF