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I don’t need a funeral plan! These are the thoughts of the vast majority of UK citizens who live more than four weeks a year here in Spain. Unfortunately the reality is quite a bit different. Tens of thousands of people who are “Living La Dolce Vita” have planned for life’s final event – Why? I hear you ask – Let me explain;

Spanish Customs – Funerals here in Spain generally take place within 24 hours, quite a difference from back home in the UK. This creates complications for many reasons, one of which is, how are my family and friends going to get here to pay their respects?

Finances – Funerals can cost in excess of €4,900 and usually have to be paid in full prior to the service going ahead. Accessing such a large amount of money quickly can be problematic.

Inflation – Prices of funerals, like everything else, are rising. The latest figure is an average of around 8%, this is considerably higher than almost any savings scheme.

Age or Health – There are insurance policies that do not cover people over a certain age or with particular health issues.

Stress – At such a painful and distressing time people would rather spare their loved ones the potential complications of arranging a funeral in another country. Language difficulties and different procedures from the UK can create additional worries.

Final wishes – Many people have specific requests for when the inevitable happens. How can they be sure that their wishes will be carried out?

People who have already purchased a funeral plan find that these issues are no longer a factor. They now have complete peace of mind as everything is in place. Families and loved ones will only need to pay their respects.

Some plans fix the costs at the outset. This means there will be nothing extra for the family to pay in the future. This will also protect against future price rises and actually save the estate money the longer the person lives.

Funeral plans are generally available to everybody irrespective of health and age. No declarations or age checks will be required.

Usually the companies that offer plans have procedures where one telephone call to them and they deal with everything. Some even cover their members in both the UK and here in Spain.

So in summary those that believe funeral plans are not for them may wish to reconsider and find out for certain. Contact Avalon on 966 799 070

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