Are you looking to invest? To give that savings account a boost?

Consider the BND Bond from BND Levante.

BND Levante’s investment experts know exactly how to invest their money and the money of their investors, while minimising risk, in the booming prime real estate market of Benidorm.

BND Levante Group was incorporated as an independent Spanish company to issue corporate bonds, as alternative financing, to buy prime real estate and meet the growing demand for short term holiday rentals. BND Levante Group S.A. has also been awarded for ‘Best Alternative Investment’ in Spain by The European Global Banking & Finance Awards in 2018.

Invest in BND’s award-winning Real Estate Bond II, the safest, most consistent, and fully asset-backed bond investment option for investors of all levels. Earn 8-11% per year for as little down as €5,000.

All bond holders have first right on the prime real estate that BND Levante Group purchases in Benidorm. All bond holder’s funds will be sent to a trust account of a Spanish lawyer who will make sure those funds will only ever be spent and invested according to the BND Bond’s terms and conditions.

Give your savings a boost with the BND Bond from BND Levante Group.

No mortgage, no finding tenants, no hassle. 

For more information about BND Levante Group call 965 798 373 or search BND Bond.


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