Antonio Orozco – El Ejido, October 5th and 6th

Teatro Auditorio El Ejido [El Ejido, Almeria]

Event info
Date: October 5, 2018
Time: 21:30
Location: Teatro Auditorio El Ejido
Address: Plaza Teniente Arturo Muñoz El Ejido, Almeria

Antonio Orozco – Único Tour

El Ejido Auditorium

October 5th and 6th

Born in Barcelona on November 23, 1972, Antonio Orozco is one of the brightest and most talented artists on the music scene in Spain and is currently at a key moment in his career.  His capacity for work and artistic sensitivity make him the artist with the most promising future and international projection of the coming decades.

Hunger sharpens the wit, “Único” is a good example of this, he was born in the dark and difficult part of life, with a great spirit of survival and the indisputable goal of entertaining the senses.

Life itself leaves no-one indifferent.

He says, “Único is not a concert, it’s not a play, it’s not a film,  it’s not prose or poetry, don’t look for anything ordinary and don’t do anything but let yourself be found, we’ll talk about you, we’ll talk about your life, your emotions and also your fears, Unico is you, Unico is nothing more or less than a wonderful part of your life.

If you ever thought my songs spoke about you then don’t think about it anymore, they do!”

With more than 1,500,000 discs sold, 9 platinum records and a gold record, Antonio Orozco is one of the most prized and beloved artists of our music scene. Winner of the 2003 Ondas Award for Best Live Artist, he has been nominated for the Latin GRAMMY® among the world’s best composers for his song, “I’m made up of bits and pieces of you”.  Since he began, successes and awards have marked an unstoppable career with more than 2,500 concerts in Spain and Latin America.

Antonio Orozco has been number one in Spain, Venezuela, Colombia, Puerto Rico, and Ecuador, and in the Top 10 en Argentina, the US and Mexico, among other countries.

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