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Spectrum FM, Spain´s number one English speaking Radio Station is your local and national friendly family-orientated station.
With ‘more of the music you love’ Spectrum FM Spain gives you the best variety of music, alongside chat and info from our highly experienced presenters. We have many special programs and features for everyone to enjoy.

Our core audience is aged between 30-60. Spectrum FM listeners have a spark about them; despite juggling their various roles as parents and professionals, they still make time for themselves. They are very sociable people who enjoy shopping, going out and spending time with their friends and family.

The Spectrum FM playlist features songs from the 70s, 80s, 90s, and 00s, plus the best current chart songs. The presenters at Spectrum FM are friendly, amiable and genuine and are also easy to relate to, broadcasting content that immediately connects with listeners’ lives.

Our listeners have chosen Spectrum FM Spain because they feel it fulfills their needs throughout the day. Spectrum mission is to emotionally connect with its listeners, broadcasting songs to help get them up in the mornings, keep them going through the day and helping them to chill in the evening.Spectrum FM has always been the home of music you can love. There are three ways to listen in to Spectrum FM, on your radio, online, or via our mobile Application

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