So what are Syndicates?

A Syndicate is a way for groups of people to play more lines than they could normally afford. At we manage syndicates made up of different lotteries, and sell entries to these syndicates directly to you. Syndicates increase your chances of winning, simply by the fact that buying more tickets increases your chances of winning the jackpot of any lottery, as the more lines you enter the bigger the shot at the jackpot!

Why am I better playing syndicates than a single ticket?

By playing in a syndicate, you give yourself a much increased chance of winning. For example if you play in a syndicate that has 30 entries into a lottery, the chances of winning are 30 times higher, than if you bought a single ticket. The only difference is that you then share the prize equally with the other members of your group.

What is a Syndicate Share?

A syndicate is made up of shares, each share you buy gives you one part of the prize any syndicate wins, so the more shares you own, the bigger your potential share of any winning.

How many people are in a syndicate?

In a syndicate there are no more than 120 people in a syndicate group. So you will be playing with no more than 120 people at any time.

I thought I could only win a lottery if I lived in the country in which it is being sold?

Due to the uniqueness of the service we offer, we purchase the tickets on behalf of our syndicate members, and our agreements with the lottery suppliers and agents, allow us to claim and receive the prize . We then share those winnings onto you our players. This includes the National Lottery in the UK, and the Powerball & Megamillions in the U.S.

Country: Jackpot Winners: Percentage of Total
Jackpot Winners:
France 85 23.3%
Spain 82 22.5%
UK 65 17.8%
Portugal 64 17.5%
Belgium 28 7.7%
Switzerland 15 4.1%
Austria 14 3.8%
Ireland 10 2.7%
Luxembourg 2 0.5%
Total: 365 100%