A parents’ support group for couples with mentally disabled children. Aspandem has a secondhand shop in San Pedro de Alcantara; proceeds are channelled to needy children.
Avenida Principe de Asturias, San Pedro de Alcantara
tel: 952 787 650
open: 10:00 – 13:00 Monday-Saturday and 16:00-18:00 every Wednesday Ciudad de los Niños:
Residential centre for disadvantaged children and young people; run by monks from the Catholic religious order Hermanos Obreros de Maria it is approved and monitored by the Andalusian Regional Government.
Finca los Asperos, Malaga
tel: 952 179 150



Cancerhelp UK is a free information service about cancer and cancer care for people with cancer and their families. It is brought to you by Cancer Research UK.
CancerHelpUK believes that information about cancer should be freely available to all and written in a way that people can easily understand. You can find further information about the following topics at:

  • About Cancer
  • Specific Cancers
  • Living with Cancer
  • Worried about Cancer?
  • Your Stories
  • Books and Links
  • Cancer Treatments
  • Symptoms and Side Effects
  • Questions and Answers
  • Cancer Research
  • Healthy Eating
  • Help and Support



    • Cancer Research UK relies on people like you to help them fund their vital work. You can donate online through their secure online service using your credit or debit card. If you prefer, you can set up a direct debit online.


    • Cancer Research UK is the largest volunteer-supported, cancer research organisation in the world and supports the work of 3,000 scientists working across the UK.


    • tel_ +44 (0) 207 009 8820






    • Located on the Ojon Road going up from Marbella on your right at the Caseron de la Mina.


    • Triple A is affiliated with the R.S.P.C.A. and is a legally registered charity dedicated to helping and caring for abandoned and maltreated animals; increasing general awareness of good animal care and actively supporting other animal protection groups.


    • The society survives solely on the monies raised through donations, membership subscriptions and fund raising events. Triple A organises different events throughout the year and welcome volunteers to walk the animals as well as monetary contributions.


    • tel: 952 771 586



    • The Blue Horses Association is a registered charity founded to help horses that have been badly treated, neglected or abandoned. Helping horses recover from ill treatment is only part of the job; the main focus is to raise awareness about animal abuse and neglect, while prosecuting offenders under the newly established Andalusian animal rights laws. Make an appointment to visit the rescue centre:


    • Milly Cramer: 647 0101 009


Refugio del Burrito
Donkey sanctuary, Fuente de Piedra (A-92 north of Antequera, from Fuente de Piedra just follow the blue signs).
Founded in 2002 by the English Donkey Sanctuary in Sidmouth, this registered Spanish charitable trust rescues and provides long term care for donkeys. You can sponsor a donkey or provide a foster home for a pair of donkeys.
Visitors are welcome, in fact there are even picnic tables set up… open to the public 11:00-18:00 (19:00 summer)
Paul Svendsen: 952 735 513

Apdo. de Correos 32, 29680 Estepona
The National Association of Andaluz Donkey Breeders (Asociación Nacional de Criadores de la Raza Asnal Andaluza) was formed so that, with the help of like-minded people, this almost extinct breed of pure breed donkey can be saved and slowly increased to form a heritage for future generations. The Andalusian Giant Donkey is an ancient breed of European donkeys, not a mule. The Jacks can reach 16hh (1.60m) to the wither (shoulder)  the same size as a large horse!
tel/fax: 952 790 511

Spanish Society for the Protection of Horses (la Sociedad Española para la Protección de los Equinos, SEPE) is a non-profit charitable organisation devoted to the welfare of horses. They promote public awareness in Spain about animal rights and welfare. They run a sanctuary for horses, donkeys and mules in the Malaga area. It is heart breaking to read the case histories of the horses that have found shelter with them. If you would like to make a donation or sponsor a horse contact SEPE:
tel: 626 677 719
fax: 952 450 096

PAD is an animal charity dedicated to saving abandoned dogs and cats with the hope of finding them new homes. If interested in assisting you can provide foster or permanent care for a needy animal. PAD is a registered charity and holds many fund-raising events throughout the year. If you are looking for a pet or would like to help with the cause:
Barbara: 952 486 084


Hunting is permitted from mid-September to mid-February. Only the lynx is a protected species and there are restrictions on certain types of bear. That leaves the deer, mountain goat (including ibex), roebuck, boar, wolf and mountain sheep. Small game hunting is permitted all year. You must have a licence and comply with the laws regarding firearms.