Spectrum´s Weekday Breakfast Host

Favourite Music…….Steely Dan & Earth Wind & Fire

Hello and firstly can I say thank you so much for listening to the morning show and even more than that taking the time to read Biog.

My radio career all started a million miles from Spain back in the UK in a small town called Birmingham (Hence my dodgy accent) I lived in the south of the city in Northfield next door to the giant Longbridge factory (British Leyland Cars).. Had a great up-bringing with always supportive parents who sadly are not with us anymore. I had two elder sisters who loved music one of them T.Rex & Classical and the other Roxy Music & Steely Dan, So I had being bought up with hearing these legends on a daily basis.

My interest in being a DJ came when I was still at school 39 years ago age 12…. Always listed to the radio doing my own introducing over the top of a Radio 1 DJ….Then my school youth club opened and wanted someone to play records on their own equipment… This lead to me using their equipment to DJ at wedding and parties….

1982 I left School and joined a Disc Jockey Agency in Birmingham which was ran buy an employee of then the second biggest commercial radio station in the UK BRMB, this is when my radio career started by just asking if I could just go in and have a look….. It was then I was invited to work on the Saturday Morning kids show RAZZAMATAZZ … Then other programs came my way including Sony Radio winning BRMB Sport which I produced. I stayed with BRMB for thirty years …the later years I became freelance and running the outside broadcast units for LIVE O.Bs I.E NEC Shows and Party in the Parks.

Other Radio work included working on the Radio 1 Roadshow as tech operative for two summer seasons. Two years at Fusion Radio Oxford and London.

Came to Spain in 2015 and before I knew it I was at Spectrum doing the Floor Fillers shows at the weekend. Then my break came in 2016 to present the Spectrum FM morning show…which kind of brings me to the present… I love working at Spectrum as there is such a great crew behind the scenes which rarely get a mention and makes me have just the best job…. Hopefully that comes over on air!!

Richie Rich